PURA VIDA literally means, «pure life» – two little words with one big meaning. They represent the philosophy behind our learning concept, full of joy, curiosity and an openness for new things. Cultivating and maintaining a love of learning: That’s what PURA VIDA is and sets out to do.

  • "Each person is an individual. This means that young people, in particular, need the right environment, to experience the true potential hidden within them. PURA VIDA should enable and not inhibit this."

    Adrian Krüsi father
  • "Children and young people should get the chance to recognize their strengths and to explore and develop their aptitudes while they’re young. The chance for self-growth is something every parent wants for their child."

    Ugur Uzdemir Ugug Uzdemir, manager, motivo, ag, promoter of PURA VIDA School
  • "From birth, we all need to find our own way in life. We need goals, dreams and the courage for these to become reality. A certain lightheartedness is essential. Everyone can follow their own path and grow along the way. PURA VIDA is there to support our young people during this important and influential phase of life."

    Stefanie Krüsi teacher
  •  „For me, the freedom to teach in my own way, and the resulting intense relationship with the students is what distinguishes PURA VIDA. We find ourselves in a positive teaching environment that enhances learning.“

    Yannick Wöhrle teacher
  • „A love for life in all its glory and finding my place in the world – for me, THAT’S PURA VIDA. It means discovering something new every day, recognizing the unexpected and accepting and overcoming challenges. Life is here for learning. And learning is life.”

    Yanik Jeannet Academic Head of School
  • „PURA VIDA means that life is all about learning. There’s no better teacher than real life, with all of its facets, good and not so good. Life is transformed into a place for learning and we grow through experiences, adventures, encounters, achievements and failures. We want PURA VIDA to be a place for that.“

    Reto Fürst Head of School
  • „I’ve never liked going to school as much as at PURA VIDA“

    Nico Laurin student
  • "At PURA VIDA I can combine the 10th grade with an internship. It’s the perfect way to prepare for the apprenticeship I’ll be starting next summer. My learning guides are really patient, and can help me understand the subjects I have trouble with, like math and German. It’s fun and helps me improve!

    Nico Student, 10th grader