From 1 to 1 to Autonomy


“Education has the power to change the world. Individual education is the foundation for our ability to reach your full potential and make a difference for others.”
Nelson Mandela (Politician und Freedom Fighter, 1918 – 2013)

PURA VIDA has a vision – that every student receives the opportunity to become a self-determined individual, who will later prove him/herself and can help shape the 21st century.

We want to achieve this through targeted goal-setting and close guidance. It is particularly important to us, that we provide this close guidance from the beginning. This enables our students to more quickly adapt to our daily routines. Additionally, they are approached at their individual levels of learning. During the course of their schooling, students acquire skills that will help them to independently plan and organize their learning routines, essential skills in preparation for life after PURA VIDA.