Grades 3. – 6.


In grades 3. – 6., the children find themselves in a stimulating learning environment, where they are guided, step by step, towards independent learning. Through individual and group exploration of different topics and subjects, the children begin to consciously become aware of their daily learning and thus, discover their own potential.

Bilingual Learning Environment – Promoting the English Language
As in grades 1 and 2, the core subjects, Math and German are taught in German.  Additionally, English is taught as a subject beginning in the third grade. To improve their acquired language skills, the subjects NMG (Nature and Social Studies) and ERG (Ethics, Religion and Society) as well as music and sports are taught in English.

Daily Routine/ Lunch Period
In grades 3. – 6., classes begin at 8:15 and end at 15:30 / 16:15. The students eat lunch during the supervised lunch period. There is no school on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Childcare from 7:30 and afternoons until 18:00 is available on request.