Grades 7. – 10.


In addition to improving their academic skills, the students are given the opportunity to explore and discover their talents, interests and aptitudes. Classes are more project-oriented and the focus is on independent and small group work.

Another focus at this level is the optimum preparation of students for the next level of secondary education (Gymnasium, FMS Fachmittelschule, IMS Informatikmittelschule, etc) and close and expert career counseling.

Bilingual Learning Environment – Promoting the English Language
Grades 7. – 10. are focused on preparing students for the next phase of their lives. Most subjects are taught in German, while maintaining a strong level of English. The students are offered courses culminating in a Cambridge examination (KET/PET/FCE), enabling them admittance to English-speaking schools.

Daily Routine / Lunch Period
Classes for grades 7. – 10. begin at 8:15 and end at 16:15. The students eat lunch together. There are no classes on Wednesday afternoons and classes end at 14:30 on Fridays.

What distinguishes us? – We emphasize the following points:

    • Recognizing, developing and fostering potential
    • Close guidance and supervision of students
    • Self-organized and self-guided learning: The students learn to take responsibility for their own tasks and how to prepare themselves for life after school
    • Fostering a proactive attitude in students