Daily Routine

PURA VIDA is a day school. Classes begin at 8:15, with doors opening at 7:45. Students have class in the afternoons until 15:30 / 16:15, with the option of working until 17:00, accompanied by teachers.

After school and free afternoon childcare until 6:00 pm is available on request.


8:15: We start our day together with a group assembly, centered around a thought for the day, a topic or by setting our aims for the morning, followed by a focus on the PURA VIDA core subjects – German, French, English and Math. Our goal is to optimize the students’ academic performance on the given assignments through close guidance. Classes are taught mainly by grade and year, with mixed-class lessons, depending on lesson content.

12:00: Lunch is provided and eaten together in our lunchroom. Mondays are «bring your own lunch day». Lunch is provided on the other days. (I changed this, since the procedure has been changed)

13:00:  Afternoons are devoted to musical, athletic and natural science subjects, project-oriented work and independent study. Our goal here is to engage the students’ individual strengths and interests. Students are guided and supervised by the teachers.

15:30 / 16:15:  The regular school day ends. Students are encouraged to stay until 17:00 to do their homework with faculty supervision.

Additional childcare until 6 pm is available on request.