Kids Care for 3 months and older


In PURA VIDA Kids Care, we care for children from 3 months and older, so it’s important to us to develop a trusting and cooperative relationship with the parents. We want the children in our care to feel comfortable with us, to enable them to grow. Through cooperative play activities, the children are gently introduced to group dynamics and the first social and intellectual skills and abilities begin to unfold. Childcare is bilingual, German and English.

Bilingual Playing- and Learning Environment – Promoting the English language
In an inspiring bilingual playing and learning environment the kids are introduced to the English language in mixed-age groups. Using play, we want the kids to feel comfortable in English, enabling them to establish a strong foundation in the language. The caretakers teach in their native languages, ensuring successful bilingual teaching.

Daily Routine/Lunch Period
PURA VIDA Kids Care is open from 7:00 until 18:00, the kids have lunch together with their caretakers. Additional afternoon-childcare with special program is available on request.

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