My name is Viengnakhone XAYTHONGDETH. You can call me in short name is “Vieng” I am from Laos which is located in Southeast Asia.  I am working with Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) organization.


How I can come to Switzerland/ Why I am in Switzerland:

Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF) in Trogen, Switzerland is the partner with my organization (NCA). PCF is the donor to support in Education Project. Every year PCF have emPower training program for partner countries. Therefore I get a great opportunity to study in this course by passing English test and interview from Country Representative Office in Laos and also be selected to participate in this course by PCF in Switzerland. I am here on behalf of a student. This course is a qualitative training program for development cooperation in the fields of education and intercultural issues and a 8- months for study course. After finishing this course, I am so happy that I can gain some knowledge and great experiences here to use/ adapt in my country. And I also will transfer my knowledge as much as I can do to my organization and my community.


Why I have internship in PURA VIDA School:

Students can select to have internal and external internship for 3 weeks regarding to the curriculum of the course. However I prefer to have an external internship because it obtains to insights in a Swiss working context and a Swiss organization that contributes to the student’s intercultural learning and to the broadening of their perception. Moreover, I would like to see some methodology of teaching and learning from teachers and students here. PURA VIDA is very nice school because all environments here are very good. All people and students are very friendly and so kind. I like learning Swiss German, cooking, presenting my country and talking with students. I wish that when I back home I can gain good experiences to use with my workplace. I am really happy and enjoy being here.