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Abilities & Potential


The public school curriculum dictates which academic skills are mandatory for students in primary and secondary school. We focus here mainly on the main subjects, which are taught primarily in the morning. In Maths, German, English and French, attention is paid to allow our students to make the greatest possible progress within the given timeframe Additional subjects (Natural and Physical Sciences, Business, History, Geography, Social Studies) are taught in the afternoons, mainly in an English immersion setting, utilizing project-oriented methods. This allows students to implement and develop autonomous learning and self-organization skills, closely guided and supervised by their teachers.

The initial close guidance is geared towards helping students recognize their individual strengths and potential. In addition, these should be recognized and encouraged through a wide range of learning opportunities and different learning environments. The afternoon lessons in particular offer scope for learning processes of a musical, exploratory and haptic nature, allowing students to make discoveries of all kinds.

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“Life is like figure skating: it consists of obligation and free skating, and obligation is often the deciding factor.”