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Mission statement & values

We want to help our students find their way in life, guide and support them on their individual paths.

We believe a love for learning is the foundation for successful learning.

We recognize the potential in each and every student and want to cultivate and foster it.

We view the guidance of students as the key factor: Individually, according to student and type of learner, with the possibility of 1:1 guidance through to self-organized learning. Our school is open to all learners or all types and academic levels. Performance and expectations are also based on the individual student and his/her capabilities.

We seek out parental cooperation. We view ourselves and our parents as a team, working together to support the personal growth of our students.

We view our work as a service and want to be as useful as possible to our students and their parents. We try to use the resources available in the triangular relationship “school-youth-parents” in an optimal way. Care and support beyond the compulsory school years can be an expression of this.

As an officially recognized private school, we offer the mandatory academic curriculum. Its implementation, as well as an openness for other innovative learning concepts, is an expression of our philosophy.

Through visiting and getting acquainted with companies, we want to encourage and promote business skills, in every sense of the words. The proximity to the business world and lively interaction help us prepare our students for life “after school”. PURA VIDA’s location provides us allows us intense interaction with leading regional companies.

We believe developing good social skills is essential. Through focus on conduct and personal relations, we emphasize leading by example. Particular emphasis is placed on how we treat each other and each other’s company.

We are a learning organization. Our concept is integrated and lived in our daily routine. As a school and learning organization, we can and must develop and adapt – while continuously learning.

We cultivate active contact and communication with other innovative learning institutions within Switzerland and internationally, to ensure a continuous advancement of our concept.