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Pura Vida


PURA VIDA is an officially authorized private school, offering an academic curriculum in accordance with the academic parameters of the public and private schools in eastern Switzerland, offering kindergarten from 4 years and older and grades one through ten.

Privatschule St. Gallen - PURA VIDA | Kindergarten bis 10. Klasse

The school focuses on recognizing and furthering the individual abilities and potential of the students entrusted to us. The basis of our concept is provided by the curriculum of the elementary school. Our range of services extends beyond the official school years and accompanies the young people individually according to their needs into the next stage of their lives.

PURA VIDA literally means “Pure Life” – two small words with a big meaning. They represent the philosophy of our learning concept, which is full of joy, curiosity and being open to new things. Cultivating and maintaining a love of learning: That’s what PURA VIDA is and sets out to do.