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Kindergarten - Grade 2

Encourage the joy of learning

There is hardly any other stage where the joy of learning is as evident as in nursery school and the early primary school years. In guided and free activities, children are first encouraged to foster and develop this type of learning. Initial lessons that include the introduction of literacy and numeracy are gradual and are designed to help gently introduce children to the primary school years. The teachers of the nursery school and the first years of primary school work closely together to ensure the optimal development of the child.

Kindergarten bis 2. Schuljahr - Privatschule PURA VIDA St. Gallen

Bilingual learning environment - English language promotion

To facilitate early access to the first foreign language, the first two years of nursery school are taught primarily in English. The introduction of literacy, which is introduced from the second year of nursery school or the first year of school, is in German. The ratio of subjects taught in German and English is thus balanced.

Day structure nursery school / lunch

The lessons for the nursery school as well as the 1. until 2nd school year starts at 08:30 and ends at 15:30. The supervised lunch is taken by the children together.
Wednesday and Friday afternoons are free of classes. Care from 07:45 and additional afternoon care until 17:00 is possible.

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