A Love For Learning


PURA VIDA shows children and young people that learning can be a successful experience and that school isn’t just a place for a transfer of knowledge. We want to awaken their curiosity open doors to their future.

At PURA VIDA we want to broaden our students’ academic horizons and recognize and cultivate their individual talents and abilities. A love for learning can only arise in an inspiring learning environment that animates students to learn, and allows young people rediscover themselves in structured learning situations, combined with a positive, familial learning atmosphere.  The basis for this is the relationship to one another, trust in each other, value-oriented behavior and respectful treatment of each other.

 What distinguishes us? – We emphasize the following points:

    • Recognizing, developing and fostering potential
    • Close guidance and supervision of students
    • Self-organized and self-guided learning: The students learn to take responsibility for their own tasks and how to prepare themselves for life after school
    • Fostering a proactive attitude in students