Kindergarten – Grade 2


Rarely is the love for learning so visible as in kindergarten and the early primary school years. In guided and free activities, the children are encouraged to foster and develop this type of learning. The first lessons, comprised of introductions to math and language arts, progress gradually, and gently guide the students into the primary school years.

Bilingual Learning Environment – Promoting the English Language
In order to simplify early exposure to the first foreign language, the first two years of Kindergarten are taught mainly in English. The introduction of reading and writing skills that takes place in the second kindergarten year and first grade is done in German. This balances out the relationship between classes taught in German and English.

Daily Routine/Lunch Period
Class times for Kindergarten, first and second grade is from 8:30-15:30. They eat lunch together, supervised by their teachers. There is no school Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Childcare from 7:30 and afternoons until 18:00 is available on request.