Bilingual Learning


In order to include both languages and the necessary skills in our daily routines, team-teaching is carried out at all levels, with students being taught by one teacher who speaks solely English and one who speaks solely German. In this so-called immersion method, other subjects, in addition to EFL are taught in English. This bilingual learning environment provides students an easy way to acquire a second language.

PURA VIDA Kids Care and Kindergarten – 2. Grade
In order to facilitate early exposure and acquisition to the English language, PURA VIDA Kids Care and Kindergarten are taught mainly in English. In this phase, the main focus is on child development and play-oriented teaching methods key. The introduction to language arts skills which takes place in the third Kindergarten year and first grade is done in German.

Grades 3. – 6.
As is grades 1 and 2, the core subjects of German and Math are taught in German. Additionally, the subject of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) begins in the third grade. In order to enhance the acquired language skills, NMG (Social Studies), ERG (Ethics, Religion and Society), Music and Sports are also taught in English.

Grades 7. – 10.
Grades 7. – 10. are designed to prepare students for the next phase of their academic lives. The majority of subjects are taught in German, while still maintaining the level of acquired English skills. Students are offered additional English courses culminating in Cambridge English Exams (KET/PET/FCE), allowing admittance to English-speaking schools.